5 avril 2019 -

Tippmann Intrepid/Valor Thermal Lens


Tippmann Intrepid/Valor Thermal Mirror Lens

Intrepid/Valor Replacement Thermal Lens – Dual Pane/Smoke Spherical Lens with Anti-Fog Coating
  • PERIPHERAL ADVANTAGE – Designed to curve around the face, both horizontally and vertically, a spherical lens offers a greater amount of peripheral vision.
  • REDUCES GLARE – Glare occurs when the sun’s rays hit the goggles at a specific angle, creating a blind area in vision. The curves of a spherical lens make it better equipped to handle glare.
  • DECREASES DISTORTION – The spherical shape of your eyes allows the eye to better focus, enhancing your vision. In a similar manner, spherical lenses are better at preventing vision distortion while playing paintball.
  • LENS Replacement – The Intrepid/Valor Quick Release Lens System makes replacing and cleaning easy.


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