DYE 2004 HYBRID PANTS. The 2004 Hybrid Pant is a seamless combination of light weight and durability. Designed with the same specifics in mind, this pant boasts many of the same features as its big brother, the C4 Pant, only lightened. Reinforced Cordura® knee panels are highly abrasion resistant and reduce overall weight. Strategically placed inner thigh venting offers unprecedented air circulation. The adjustable waist grants a comfortable pant – regardless of how much you ate the night before practice. Price: 89.95 €
DYE C4 PANTS. New for 2004, the C4 Pant is the most technically advanced paintball pant in the world. We can say that because we know it is true. We’ve built the C4 Pant with durable, lightweight materials, specifically constructed to provide you with the ultimate tournament pant. Save your knees with our new flexible padded knee section. A unique combination of reinforced ballistic nylon and durastretch nylon gives you the ultimate balance of performance and safety. In addition, the C4 Pant features multiple vertical leg venting strips which supply an unbelievable amount of circulation to preserve climate comfort. Aggressive Dyetack™ featured on the back of the C4 pant helps prevent harness « twist ». By keeping your harness in place, you can focus on the game and not your equipment. Designed For The Art Of Winning.™ Price: 159.95 €